Oh, these morons.

Look around you, morons everywhere,
On the ground and in the air.

Morons every place I go,
Talking fast but thinking slow.

Washed up morons in the street,
Parental morons always in heat.

High brow morons running wild,
Pitiful little moron child.

Morons driving moron cars,
This moron craze has gone too far.

Babbling moron radio, morons on TV,
These morons aggravate the hell out of me!

Where are all these morons from?
Whence cometh all this moron scum?

There's a moron everywhere I turn,
Give me pennies for morons; I'll have money to burn.

Morons oozing out of schools,
Moron dumb butts, moron fools.

Moron music, moron movies,
Moron groups and moron groupies.

Morons heavy, morons thick,
This moron madness makes me sick

There's forty seven morons where I work;
The boss is a moron. He's also a jerk!

Something here is not very funny,
It's the dumber folks who make more money.

Now I don't know where all this leads,
There's morons in the woods and weeds.

All up and down, in every state,
I sincerely hope it's not too late!

The ascendancy of the moron class has set me to thinking;
Into a moron morass our culture is ignominiously sinking.

   z 2001 Henry Slater  
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