Welcome to my page of wooden kitchen ware. The selection expands and changes week to week, so bookmark the page and stay tuned.

  My spoons, spatulas and accessories are made from solid Beech or Hard Maple. Nothing is ever glued! It is not feasible, or even possible, to glue pieces of wood together and expect the finished product to hold up in a working kitchen environment.

 Here are a few of my spoons:  



14-3/4" long overall,

3-1/4" wide X 4-1/2"long,

5/8" deep


18" long overall

4" wide X 4-1/2" long

3/4" deep





18-1/2" long overall

3-3/4" X 3"

5/8" deep


A nice, strong Ladle or Tasting Spoon

 Back detail

 Hard Maple

11" long overall

2-1/4" X 2-1/4"

3/8" Deep

Handle tapers nicely from 5/8" down to about 1/2"
   Great for stirring rice!


16" long overall

3" X 4-1/2"

3/4" deep

 Front and Back details
 Here is a nice, solid maple rolling pin. It's 17-1/2" long, 2-3/8" diameter, with tapered ends.  
  Here is a "Classic" or "traditional" style rolling pin, still all one piece and easy to clean.  
 Below are some straight rolling pins. This form is preferred for making pastries or candies. I make these in all different lengths and diameters. I try to keep some available in 16-1/2 inch length to fit standard size institutional sheet pans.  
 We always have several Hard Maple rolling pins available, in various lengths and diameters. We make these in the tapered "French" style, straight cylinders (ideal for candy makers) and with "Classic" handles. All three styles are made in one piece, for maximum cleanliness and durability. We can also custom turn one just for you. Inquire for details

Take good care of your wooden KitchenWare:

I've rubbed some mineral oil into the wood. Your solid wood kitchenware will give you many years of service if you will rub some oil into it after each washing.

You can use any quality cooking oil, or USP grade mineral oil.

Please hand wash only, after each use; do not place your spoon into a dishwasher.


 Each one of my solid wood kitchenware items is individually hand crafted. I fully expect these to be passed down from generation to generation. I take a lot of pride in my work, and I hope I can help bring to you and your family a lifetime of cooking pleasure and good eating.

   Thank You


 Some Spatulas:
   Wood spoons and spatulas are ideal for use on teflon cookware.
   Smaller spatulas, like the one on the right, are great for use with mixers and food processers.
    These knives are great for spreading peanut butter, soft cheeses, mayo, or whatever jelly your morning toast desires. They are dimensioned to allow you to get the last little molecule of jam out of the bottom of the jar, while keeping it off of your knuckles.
 This is either a saurkraut packer or a vintage style potato masher...it's your choice.
 At last we're able to offer a limited number of traditional Italian style Ravioli Rollers. This has been a long development process, but the results are worth it. These are made from Hard Maple, with Beech ribs. We currently have them in 2" square and 1-1/2" square, with more of each size in the works.  
   Making these is a long process, but the results are worth it!
   I sell these through various venues, and the items shown on this page are intended as examples only, and may or may not be available at any given time. If you see something you really like or if you need something special, get in touch.
   I make these stainless steel biscuit cutters, as shown below, in a variety of diameters. Each one is cut, formed and assembled by hand in my shop, using stainless steel rivets. Diameters range from 2-1/4 inches up to 4 inches. Larger sizes can be made on request.

 I'm working on a new product, and should have some of these ready to sell later this month (May, 2013.) These are some small oval bowls. The one pictured below is 4-1/4 inches long, 3-1/4 wide, and 5/8 deep. This one is made from Beech, and is suitable for food use.  
 Here's another new item I've been working on. These Espresso Tampers have wood handles attached to ends of DuPont Corian or other solid surface materials.
 At the moment (late October, 2013) I have these with handles of hard maple, sycamore, and Bois d'Arc. Soon I'll have a few more in a wider selection of diameters.  
Below are a few new spatulas, November 2013  

   And here are some holey drainer strainer bean and chili spoons.  

         Here's another new item I've been working on.  These coasters are made from various brands of "Solid Surface" material
       The engraving is done on a machine of my own design and construction, then filled with pigmented or dyed epoxy resin. 
       After the infill hardens, I shave the surface smooth and polish it.  I should have the first sets of these available for purchase
       in September, 2016



 Our spot at McKinney's Chestnut Square

 Our Display at MorningStar Treasures
   Photos by Elizabeth Clark

 Here we are at MorningStar Treasures for the "Dickens of a Christmas" Celebration, Nov. 25, 26, and 27, 2011
   Photo by Judy Stevens

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