Some Pages of Technical Information
 EMCO  These are some pages from my EMCO V10P / Mentor 10 Manual
 Bicycle Tire Sizes  A couple of older bicycle tire size charts
 Hercules SW Hub Brochure  Hercules Hub brochure from the late 1950's
Sachs Jet Coaster Hub IllustrationJust one of those things you always wanted to know.

 1960/1961 Craftsman Tools Catalog  A few pages from an old Craftsman Catalog.
Tripp Secord & Co.  Pix of a Tripp Secord Spare Tire Mount, 1920's
 In Motion Quick Change Tool System  Pix of a unique tooling system
 Carbide Saw Grinding  Some advice based on my experiences
 Replacement Change Gears for Atlas / Craftsman Metal Lathes  How to find better gears
Refurbishing a Hard Maple Butcher BlockThis was a fun project


 An interesting full-page ad from Champion Blower & Forge, 1921